We’re in Our Communities…Are you??

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At Fairway Insurance we take pride in helping out our communities, not just as a Corporation but as individuals as well.

On top of the organizations we support financially, we also Volunteer our time to help charities, our youth and our communities in general. 

We are:

Volunteer Fire fighters

Coaches & Ambassadors of various youth sports teams like baseball, basketball, hockey, pickle-ball, and volleyball

Town Mayor of Annapolis Royal


 We also give our time to these organizations:

Local Hospitals

Food Banks

Elementary school for various activities like school band, youth runs, breakfast with Santa

Digby Lacrosse Association

Digby Care 25

Digby County Exhibition

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Relay for Life

Scoops Magazine

Local Churches

Club Richelieux


We encourage you to get out, support and help your community.  It is amazing what can be achieved when you Volunteer!


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