Holiday Season Tips

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Holiday Season Tips!!


The holiday season is fast approaching and with it there are many added risks when it comes to insurance. With higher volumes of both fire and theft during this time, here are a few tips to remember:


  • When decorating for the holidays, be certain that your electrical panel can withstand the added strain of lights and decorations
  • Keep Christmas lights off when you are not at home
  • If you are using a real Christmas Tree, be certain to water it every day to avoid it drying out and the possibility of fires
  • When shopping be certain to conceal packages in your car.  A thief is much more likely to break into a vehicle with brand name packages then a Rubbermaid tote box (that you can hide those other packages in)
  • If your Christmas Tree is close by or visible from a window or door, keep your Christmas gifts away from it until as late as possible before Christmas morning, also be certain to put things away quickly after Christmas is over.  A thief is much more likely to be lured into your dwelling if they can see all your pretty packages from the street.
  • Fireplaces and Woodstoves may add a nice effect to the Holiday season however, they do offer an added risk of fire, be certain that your chimney is properly cleaned to avoid this.  It will also avoid Santa being covered in soot at the end of the nightJ


Following these few tips may save you time and money in dealing with an insurance claim during this happy time.  If you have any questions or should you have a topic you wish to see discussed please contact me at 1-888-245-4741 or At Fairway Insurance, We’ve Got you Covered. 

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