Choosing an Insurance Broker over Online Insurance

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All of us have dealt with some type of company or business on the phone or online. You know, the type you usually don’t go into a location to ask a question or pay a bill. However, could you walk into the office of your cell phone provider if you wanted to? Could you walk in to the bank to discuss an issue with your credit card? The answer is usually yes, even in rural areas, most business’s offer a headquarters, a branch office or a local representative to assist you.
We all know times have changed. Life is busy and expensive. Price, ease of doing business and what you can get are all important matters. The world of insurance has changed. Online insurance offers ‘no hassle’ with fast coverage provided to your email in a matter of minutes! It may appear easier, more convenient and less expensive to place your insurance with an online company right?.... Wrong.
Before you do decide, ask yourself these questions:
-          Where am I actually calling/emailing?
-          Can I sit in front of a human and talk if I wanted to?
-          If I have a claim, who will help me?
-          What role does that company play in my community?
-          What coverages do I need & what do I have?
An Insurance Broker offers you a local or semi-local office location with staff to meet your needs. You can make an appointment to visit us if required and if you have a claim there is a helpful person to guide you in your time of need. Brokers employ members of the community and also play a hand at sponsoring various community needs ( A brokerage will get to know you. Fairway has insurance agents and personalized account managers are there to help you better understand your needs and coverages.
If you are looking for insurance that allows you to call during non-regular office hours, visit or call even on Saturdays, speak with an in-house claims representative, visit an office and talk to a person face-to face OR  use email/fax/phone communication and quick and easy claim service – choose a Broker for the best of both worlds. Most brokerages like us have adapted to the needs of various clients and understand the demands of life.
Michelle Winchester
Personal Lines Broker

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