Motorcycle Safety…What you Need to Know!!

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Every year thousands of Canadians die in motorcycle accidents, and even more are injured. It’s that time of year again and Motorcycle safety is something that everyone, not just motorcycle drivers NEED to participate in. Here are a couple tips for keeping our roads safe this season.
Motorcycle Drivers
-          Make sure you wear an approved Motorcycle helmet that is not damaged.
-          Make sure your clothing is visible, especially at night
-          Dress for the slide not for the ride. Wear thick clothing as well as boots and gloves, it can protect you if you fall.
-          Watch out for Sand and Debris
-          Act like nobody has mirrors – avoid blind spots
For other Drivers
-          Treat motorcycles like they are as big as other vehicles, even though they don’t take up as much space, they still need it to adjust to the road.
-          Pay attention to your surroundings, a motorcyclist is significantly smaller than a vehicle and can be easily missed
-          Be sure to check twice before turning
-          As motorcycles can fit in small places, be certain to check and re-check your blind spots
Everyone can contribute to motorcycle safety this season. Are you doing your part?
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