Halloween Safety

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Halloween is a fun and exciting time for most, but can be scary! It is important to keep safe and avoid getting hurt. So here are some Halloween Safety Tips for children and young adults:

-head out early and avoid staying out too late

-wear reflective tape or light up/flashing items

-take a flash light to ensure you can see where you are walking

-make sure your costume doesn’t drag so it wont trip

-make sure you can see and hear out of your mask properly (or try face paint!)

-make sure to dress warm under your costume

-look both ways before crossing the street

-make sure vehicles are stopped and can see you before crossing the street

-consider going to a Trunk or Treat event to avoid walking on the roads in the dark

-always go with a parent or with a trusted adult

-don’t go inside a home of someone you don’t know

-try to only go to doors of people you know

-be kind and polite

-never eat a candy or treat that appears to be tampered with or opened

-have an adult check your loot – even though they will probably eat some! ;) 

-be sure to ask how much you can eat to avoid getting a belly ache

-and last but not least -brush your teeth to avoid cavities!

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