How to be a Good Leader in the Workplace

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Imagine going to work and truly feeling motivated every day. Imagine your co-workers all working together to achieve a common goal. Work productivity all depends on the work environment. If your co-workers are a constant drag, there will be little to no progress during a day and you won’t feel very proud of your accomplishments. Being a good leader influences an entire office. To be an efficient leader you don’t need to be crazy special or unique, you just need to know how to use your skills in a way that benefits everyone around you.

  • Learn how to communicate effectively.

Communication is almost always the key to being a successful leader. Think about the "who," "what" and "how" of the situation, and always consider all angles of a situation before diving in. For example, What is the issue at hand? How can it be solved? Understanding the answers to those questions will make communicating your thoughts and ideas to other much clearer.

  •  Have a positive attitude at work

Positivity is contagious! When a person is positive, even in difficult situations, the people near them are positive too. Positivity is a vital part of being a strong leader and it allows you to motivate others.

  •  Allow others to voice their opinions

Everyone wants to feel like their opinions are valuable. It is important to know that anyone can have an opinion that can benefit the company. Understanding that not all great ideas are going to come from you is a great skill to have as a leader. This keeps you grounded and allows a positive flow of ideas that will help everyone in the long run.

  •  Make important decisions

Sometimes difficult decisions, decisions no one wants to be the one to make, have to be made. Stepping up to the plate and taking charge of difficult situations shows your co-workers- and your boss – that you can handle your job. People that procrastinate and let others make the decisions that they should have made are showing a sign that they are not leadership material.

  • Take responsibility for your work -good and bad.

If you want to be a leader at work, learn to take responsibility for anything that you participate in. Take responsibility for not just the good things, but also the bad ones. Admit to your mistakes – it’s okay to be wrong. You cannot learn if you have not made any mistakes.

  • Give praise when it is deserved.

People want to be appreciated and have their work valued. A good leader knows how to give praise in manner that motivates others to want to continue doing well. If someone helped you accomplish something – let them know! They’ll feel good about it and will probably want to help you again if you need it.

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