The Truth about Modifications and Lift Kits – Are you covered?

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Does your vehicle have a lift kit or other modifications?  If you answered yes, you may not be covered on your current policy.  The application that you sign for your insurance policy asks if your vehicle has been modified.  If you answered no and the vehicle has, in fact been modified, your policy contract with the insurance company could very likely be null and void.

There are many modifications that can be made to a vehicle, but some can affect whether your vehicle meets safety rating laws or the underwriting guidelines of your insurance company.  Modifications such as lift kits and engine upgrades etc., can seriously affect the safety of a vehicle, particularly if it is not installed properly.  For this reason, insurance companies need to be aware of any changes made to the vehicle  and, depending on the specifications, may decline to insure the vehicle.

Lift kits are the most common of the modifications that we see and are often overlooked or not reported.  This could create a serious problem if you are in an accident and find that your claim is not covered.

Custom  paint jobs may not necessarily affect the safety rating, but certainly may affect the value of the vehicle. 

If you have a lift kit or any other modifications, or are considering modifying your vehicle in any way, contact your Broker first to determine if you are covered.  They can also help you by letting you know what they require to determine an agreed value in the event of a covered loss. 

The good news is that Fairway has options for you!  We represent select companies that offer coverage for vehicles with professionally installed modifications at competitive rates.  Give us a call!

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