Trampolines and Safety!!

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Trampolines are becoming more popular every year.  With varying types from small, for personal exercise, to the large outdoor variety, there’s never been a better time to talk about trampoline safety.

Every year there are approximately 100,000 trampoline related injuries, the majority of which happen to children. Trampolines are not recommended for at home use, however if you must have one there are guidelines to follow.

Here are some trampoline safety tips:

  1. Be sure to talk to your insurance broker before installing a trampoline.
  2. Ensure there is adequate supervision when the trampoline is in use.
  3. Only one person at a time should be using the trampoline.
  4. Make sure the trampoline is on level ground and that there is a 2-meter clearance around the sides.
  5. Using a trampoline safety net can help prevent injuries from falls
  6. Never attempt somersaults on the trampoline.
  7. Make sure supporting bars and landing surfaces have sufficient padding.
  8. Inspect the trampoline before each use to make sure it’s secure.
  9. Never let someone else’s children use your trampoline without their guardian there.

We strongly recommend doing extensive research before  installing a trampoline at home. 

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