Top Ten Safety Tips for Summer

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The weather is warm and outdoors is the place you want to be. It’s time for barbeques, playing in the pool, and many good things to do and eat. However, this is also a time when you need to be aware of safety and here are 10 safety tips to keep you and your family safe and sound this summer.

1. Grilling tip - make sure to clean the grill regularly and do not let grease build up. This will help to reduce the risk of fire. Also, do not let things accumulate around the grill.

2. Playground equipment – perform a safety check on play equipment. Examine the legs of the swing structure to make sure they are sturdy and not weakened by rust. Make sure swing chains are in good condition and inspect the seats too.

Check out all the outdoor play equipment closely and look for rough spots that could cut people. If you find bad spots, sand them down and paint them with a good rust inhibiting paint.

3. Deck check – before you apply a new coat of deck sealer, check all railings and boards on the floor. Look for signs of rotted wood or loose screws. This will help you avoid potential injuries.

4. Lawnmower safety – before mowing, pick up any sticks, rocks, or debris from the yard. This will keep the mower from throwing these things and causing injuries or damage. Also, be careful where you stow your gasoline and oil. Never mow in sandals or barefoot and don’t forget to wear safety glasses and long pants.

5. Safe shopping - when you go shopping, take the kids inside with you. This is not the time of year to leave anyone (including pets) in a car for any amount of time. Even if the car is running with the AC on, what would you do if the engine died? It only takes a few minutes in the summer sun for a car interior to become lethally hot.

6. UV protection - buy plenty of sun blocker lotion, if you want to avoid nasty sunburn this summer. Remember, you have to apply most lotions at least 30 minutes before you go out of doors. In addition, you’ll need to add more sun block if you spend a lot of time in the pool. Swimming pools are great places to get sunburns as the UV light can reflect all over your body while you are in the water.

7. Water safety - teach your children to swim. Every year, many kids die needlessly in pools and bodies of water. Never leave children unsupervised and if you don’t have time to teach them, see that they take swimming lessons locally.

8. Smart vacation strategies – have someone pick up your newspapers and mail while you are gone. Put a light and radio on a timer in your house, also. This will makes thieves think that someone is home.

9. Mosquitoes safety - avoid being outside at dusk and dawn and buy insect repellent.

10. Head protection – don’t let kids ride bikes, scooters, or skate boards without helmets. Let them know it’s cool to protect your brain from injury.

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