Don't Be Distracted While Driving

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In today’s society it is becoming easier to be distracted while driving. Busy lifestyles mean we are always on the go and trying to manage our time can be difficult. There are times and places where this is acceptable. Operating a vehicle is not one of them!

More and more we see drivers partaking in bad habits while driving. Distracted driving is a increasing issue. Not concentrating properly can cause you to make mistakes, miss your turn off, not see ahead and cause  fatal accidents.

Some activities that contribute to distracted driving  include:

  • Eating or drinking
  • Texting
  • Reading
  • Personal grooming
  • Reaching for an item
  • Smoking
  • Allowing pets on lap
  • Changing songs/music
  • Trying to calm an upset child/help them with something

What can you do to avoid being distracted while driving? Be smart and aware! Stop to eat and drink or make sure you have had something before you go. Turn your phone off or on silent and don’t reach for it. There is nothing that needs to be read inside the vehicle (only road signs outside). There is no need to apply make up fix your hair until you have stopped (you look fine). There is nothing you should need to grab or reach for while driving. If you have a passenger, ask them to get you your sunglasses or make sure they are at hand before getting on the road. Don’t smoke while driving, wait until you have stopped (or quit). Pets should be in the back seat and secured (they deserve to be safe too). Adjust your radio station/music before getting on the road (or try a silent drive). Make sure children have what they need beforehand (teach them young about being distracting).

In many places it is now against the law to use a cellular device while driving. The ticket will not only cause you a large fine but it will also cause your auto insurance rates to go up. Insurance companies pull Motor Vehicle Reports or Abstracts and can find out about your tickets at anytime.

Let’s all do our part to keep the roads safer!

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