Beat the Winter Blues!

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Winter is here! Cold weather and snow fall totals can be discouraging as we approach the middle of winter. Some people thrive on winter and enjoy the shoveling, cold hands, wet feet, long days and dark nights. For those who do not enjoy the lengthy winter months in our climate - there are lots of activities and things you can do to keep occupied and feel better!

-take a trip to a sunny destination
-add foods with vitamin D to your diet
-try exercising indoors
-watch movies or find a new series
-read a book
-find a hobby – like knitting or crafting
-spend quality time with loved ones
-go sledding or snowshoeing
-volunteer for a great cause

Winter depression is a real issue, also known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), it is caused by the lack of natural sunlight in the winter months. However, people can also just feel down because of the stress of the holidays passing, bills, eating too much and not being active enough. Make sure you take the steps when possible to prevent the winter blues. There are lots of things you can do for free to keep busy. Make sure to check our your local recreation office, seniors clubs, libraries and community events boards. There is sure to be something you will enjoy taking part of. You can also try volunteering for a cause or an event as well. Try making friends with a senior or neighbour who may enjoy the company! You never know who may need their walkways shoveled while giving you exercise as well.

So get outside and build a snowman, smile and enjoy winter. Spring will be here before you know it.

What do you do to keep from letting Winter get you down?

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