Winter Driving Tips

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With the first winter storm of 2018 fast approaching, the Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia has released some tips to keep you prepared on the road. We all know that no one wants to be on the road during bad weather, but being prepared can make all the difference. 

·        Remove all ice and snow from your windshield, mirrors and side windows.

·        Check your wipers and washer fluid.

·        Make sure you have winter tires on your vehicle.

·        Check tire pressure regularly as this can be affected by cold temperatures.

·        Keep your gas tank topped up in case you get stuck in traffic.

·        Carry a blanket, shovel, snacks, flashlight, emergency kit, road salt/sand.

·        Check the forecast and don’t travel unless necessary during storms.

·        Remember to slow down and drive for the road conditions.

·        Tell someone where you are going and the route you are taking.

·        Keep your cell phone fully charged.


If you do become stranded:


·        Run the car for heat only 10 minutes at a time per hour to conserve gas.

·        Make sure the tailpipe isn’t blocked and keep your window open slightly.

·        Stay in your vehicle and turn on your emergency four way lights unless you can access help safely.

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