Summer Parties, Alcohol, and Your Responsibility as a Host

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Summer is a great chance to have a get together, be it sitting around the pool during the day or even around a fire at night. It’s a great time for weddings, reunions, and all things in between.   If you’re an adult these events will sometimes have alcohol involved, and if you’re the host, then you are responsible for your guests. What exactly does this mean? 

It means that if you are the host and your guests are drinking, it is your responsibility to ensure they do not drive or drink too much.  Here are a few suggestions on how to ensure your event goes off without any issues.

1)      Have anyone that has driven to the event location leave their keys with an attendant if they are having a drink or two.

2)      Arrange to have a couple designated drivers / or taxi’s to bring people home when they need

3)      Have snacks around so that people are not drinking on an empty stomach.  Try not to have salty or greasy snacks as these encourage drinking more. 

4)      Have alcohol free drinks, like water and juice, readily available.  

5)      If you are supplying the alcohol, stop serving it at least an hour before the event is over, and bring out more alcohol free drinks.

6)      Don’t drink too much yourself as the host.  Once again, you are responsible for your guests, you will want to make sure that you are alert and prepared if anything occurs.

For larger events like weddings, we strongly recommend purchasing special event liability insurance. This is a simple insurance solution to protect you, or even your business if it’s a corporate event.  Contact us today for further information or questions.  

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