The Importance of Responsible Boating

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Boating is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can do and this is something that everyone in Atlantic Canada has a right to. However, because there may be many other people out there, it is important to be responsible and think of others. This will make the waters much better for everyone involved. Here are some important things to remember about responsible boating.

Use the Right Places

It can cause a lot of problems if you venture into an area that is not designed for your vessel. For example, if no motorized boats are allowed and you take your powered vessel there, it’s going to upset a lot of people and create a great deal of unnecessary noise. In addition, there is a reason for boating restrictions. For instance, powered boats may be harmful to some types of marine creatures.

Don’t Try to Save Money on Life Vests

Always use life jackets and vests that have been properly tested and approved. In addition, when you buy vests, purchase ones that are very sturdy and can easily hold people up in the water for long periods of time. A cheap or damaged life jacket can result in needless tragedy that could have easily been avoided. Top quality life vests may cost a little more, but it is well worth the added price to have the best.

Don’t Go Boating All Alone

Try to avoid boating by yourself. It is too easy for things to happen out on the water and if there is no one else there, you could be in serious trouble. For example, what would happen if you fell overboard and became injured? There might not be anyone in the vicinity and you could drown before help gets there. When you have others with you, there is someone there to assist you and go for help.

Always be on the Look Out

You never know what you might come across as you are out boating. For example, you may see a vessel approaching but unable to view the skier that is being towed. Always check twice to make sure no one is skiing or there are other people in the area. Have someone be your lookout, to help you navigate.

Bring Plenty of Fuel

You might think that there is enough gas in the container, but you might be wrong. With some containers, it is not easy to tell how much is inside. If you are not sure whether you have enough fuel, err on the side of caution and bring a little extra. This can keep you from running out of gas and ending up stranded on the water.

Be Careful with Wakes

Whenever you see a wake in the water (channel created by a passing boat) be very careful as you cross it. You never know if a skier or swimmer could be nearby. If you must cross a wake, do so slowly.

Check Your Boating Insurance

Before you leave, be certain you are covered for all kinds of hazards. Don’t forget to check the limits on your boating liability insurance also. Your insurance broker can help you choose the right options.


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