Protecting Yourself From Email Viruses

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In today's world email viruses are becoming increasingly common. These viruses can be dangerous to business owners and individuals alike. Here are some tips to keep your business and personal information safe:

1) Watch Out For Attachments

You should never open an attachment on an email from an unknown sender. These attachments can start spreading viruses when you open the file. They could also trigger software to be installed that can record your user name and password or give an intruder remote access to your computer.  Be very wary of attachments. 

2) Be Cautious of Links Within Email Messages

Web links can deliver malware to your computer.  Although they may take you somewhere that looks familiar, it isn't necessarily a legitimate site. Make sure you look for discrepancies like misspellings. 

3) Take Notice of Unusual Emails from Someone You Know

Spoof email address can make it seem like someone your know is sending you a message. If you receive an email from someone you know that seems strange, you should always check with the sender to make sure it is a legitimate email before completed any requested information

4) Install Spam filters

Although not 100% guaranteed,. spam filters can help identify up to 99% of potential spam base on where it comes from, it's appearance, and the software used to  send it. 

5) Don't Respond

Responding lets the sender know it's a valid email address.  They can then continue to target you for future attacks. 


Email scamming isn't something new.  The consequences of becoming a victim can include things like theft of data and intellectual property, lost revenue, system downtime and even damage to reputation.   Don't get caught unprepared, protect yourself as much as possible against email scamming today.

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