Safety During the Holiday Season!

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It’s that time of year again and with all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season comes added risk.  Not only has the weather cooled down meaning winter driving conditions and using more heat like wood stoves and space heaters, but cars are filled with presents making them susceptible to theft.  We need to protect the things we treasure most this time of year and always.  Here are a few suggestions on how to best be prepared this Holiday Season and upcoming winter.

Tips for the Holidays

-         Make sure your electrical panel can handle the extra Christmas lights you are putting up

-         Make sure your Christmas tree is watered daily to avoid fires

-         Keep your packages hidden in your car, use a Rubbermaid tote box instead of displaying brand name packages to deter thieves

-         With more people on the road, be certain to pay attention at all times. 

-         If you partake in Holiday Festivities remember one thing, if you drink, Don’t Drive. Take advantage of a taxi or a designated driver

Tips for the Winter

-         If you are using wood stoves and fireplaces ensure that Chimney’s are cleaned regularly

-         Space heaters are great for heating up a small room, but they have limitations, don’t try to heat your entire house with a space heater.  Know it’s limitations

-         Be certain to salt/sand your walkways and driveways to ensure that your friends or mail man doesn't slip and fall

-         Check your car’s tires.  Ensure that they are suitable for driving in slippery and snowy conditions

-         Put an emergency kit in the trunk of your car.  You never know when you may get stranded in poor weather and need it. Mine includes the following:

o       A small shovel

o       A blanket

o       Matches and paper to start a fire

o       Snacks (granola bars are great)

o       Water

o       Flashlight

o       Extra Batteries

o       Winter Hat / Gloves / Scarf

From myself, and all of us at Fairway Insurance, have a safe and joyous Holiday Season. 


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